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Higher Scaffolding Terms and Conditions

GENERAL – Schedule of Rates

All scaffolding materials and equipment to be accessible to within 10m of the place of work by mechanical access.  Any distance over and above 10.00m will require additional carry time adding to move materials to and from the work face.

Dimensions: Subject to site measure.

Terms of payment – Net monthly account.

Daywork covering minor alterations to existing scaffolds only will be charged a £46.00 per man hour, plus expenses necessarily incurred.

Please note, the following conditions apply to this and the preceding items as appropriate.

1B. As the above work involves scaffolding over and off tiled and/or slated roofs, which will be carried out as carefully as possible by our operatives. We would advise you that we have added a provisional sum of …… to cover the cost of any possible tile and/or slate damage after the scaffold has been removed. We would also specifically draw your attention to the appropriate condition on the reverse of our quotation form.

  1. Client to ensure that the roof will safely support the load imposed by our scaffold, and any loads applied thereon.

As the roof is in a fragile condition, whilst all possible care will be taken, we regret that we cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by or arising out of working off this roof.

  1. a) Client to provide the requisite licence before we commence work, and we must reserve the right to revise our quotation if such licence imposes conditions which involve additional expense to us. (e.g. necessitating working out of normal hours or to provide a protection fan etc.,). Client to provide, maintain and remove suitable lighting and any signs required by the Local Authority, for the duration that the scaffold is standing.
  2. b) Should the site conditions demand a bulk timber fender or the like – set in the kerb, then this to be provided, placed and removed by you.

8C. a. In order to comply with Construction Regulations and TG20:13, the scaffold must be tied to the permanent structure at the recommended intervals.

  1. As “Apollo ties” or similar anchors are to be used into the fabric of the building, we will use as to suppliers specification and it will be your responsibility to obtain or give permission for the holes to be drilled into the fabric of the building.
  2. We will carry out the drilling of 20mm dia. holes 85mm deep in the face of the building at the recommended centres and fixing, but confirmation that permission has been obtained and necessary advice regarding location of the ties must be received in writing before



we proceed.

  1. We can accept no responsibility whatsoever for damage to the building or consequential costs arising as a result of fixing or use of “Apollo ties” or similar anchorages.
  2. Making good at all times to be carried out by the Main Contractor.
  3. Main Contractor to cut holes in the building fabric to receive our scaffold, and to make good on completion, ensuring security and weatherproofing at all times.
  4. Notification in writing must be received by us that the power cables are rendered harmless before we commence work on the scaffold, either erecting or dismantling.
  5. You to arrange with the Electrical Authority for ALL necessary safeguards. Times of cut-outs to be confirmed to us in writing before we commence work, either erecting or dismantling.
  6. Main Contractor to arrange for an electrical supply of 110 volts 3 phase including necessary wiring, to the working position(s). This work, to be carried out by a competent electrician, at no cost to us.

16A. Our Quotation is based upon measurements provided to us, and is therefore subject to Site inspection and final measurements. We have assumed good access to and from the work position.

Client to ensure that the information (description, measurements etc.,) are fully adequate for the works.

  1. Should you subsequently wish to fix tarpaulins or other protective sheeting to the scaffold, we must point out that extra ties will be needed. These ties must be fixed before the sheeting is offered up and will be charged as an extra.
  2. Every effort will be made to dismantle the scaffold to suit your programme of demolition, but we cannot be held responsible for any accident, which is caused by the premature removal of ties by you. AT NO TIME, should there be more than 3.60m of free-standing scaffold above the existing ties.
  3. You must ensure that the scaffold is adequately tied at all times, and AT NO TIME, should there be more than 3.60m of free standing scaffold above the existing ties. As you are carrying out the dismantling , we must point out that you are responsible for the security of our materials. Consequently any losses will be charged to you at list price ruling.
  4. Where scaffold boards have been tied down by us, because of extreme conditions of exposure etc., you to ensure that the boards are re-tied after any subsequent movement.
  5. Main Contractor to ensure that the steelwork or roof framework will safely support the imposed load of our scaffold, and any loads applied thereon.

25A. Main Contractor to provide a firm and level base for our scaffold, that will not settle or deflect under the imposed load of our structure and any loads applied thereon. Base to extend at least 300mm past the outside of the scaffold, and to be cleared by you so that our base plates and sole plates are visible prior to dismantling. Any costs incurred for work and/or losses from lack of clearance will be charged accordingly.

  1. Main Contractor to provide a full days work for our operatives at each and every visit.
  2. Our price is based on the understanding that we will have free use of your crane, hoist, forklift and/or dumper at agreed times, during erection and dismantling.
  3. Our price is based on understanding that we will have good means of ingress and egress for our men and materials to all parts of the site.
  4. We have allowed to physically tie our scaffold to the building in appropriate positions once only. Any subsequent movement of the ties by us will be charged as an extra.
  5. Main Contractor to ensure that the Podium roof will safely support the superimposed load of our scaffold structure and any loads applied thereon. We will provide the tonnes per upright and their centres at a more appropriate time.
  6. Before we commence erection Main Contractor to provide the setting out positions for our uprights, that will suit not only the lift engineers but any trades that will use the scaffold beforehand.
  7. You to ensure that point loads are not transmitted directly to the decking of our Loading Tower(s) (e.g. by stillage legs etc.,) and that suitable timber spreaders are provided and always used, should this be the case.

Client to ensure, that materials are progressively removed so that the Tower or Towers are not overloaded.

  1. Although we will take all possible care in constructing this temporary roof, we cannot guarantee that it will be completely watertight. Consequently, we cannot accept any responsibility for damage or consequential loss that may occur.

52A. a. Because of the very nature of this sheeting and/or netting or the like we must point out that our price allows for the supply and fixing of the valance once only. We will of course fix the sheeting and/or netting correctly, and this can be verified by you. Any replacement and/or labour repair to be charged accordingly.

  1. This material is fire retardant, and of course our price reflects this.
  2. Although we will take every possible care, we cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred to brickwork on removal of putlogs.
  3. When requested we will issue the Handing-over Certificate (or the like) for any of our structures.
  4. This quotation is based upon work being carried out during normal working hours. If, due to police restrictions or other outside influences beyond our control, non productive time cannot be avoided. Then this will be raised as an additional charge to you.
  5. Excluding the provision of a blocking lift.
  6. Sufficient storage space to be provided at all times for our materials within reasonable distance of the erection and dismantling position(s).
  7. Our quotation(s) is or are based upon you providing suitable site roads for our fully laden lorries, and that we will be able to off and re-load our transport within 10 metres of the work position(s). Additional charges for labour will therefore be incurred if a greater distance is involved, and will be rendered as an extra. Our drivers have been instructed not to enter the site where the road is inadequate for their vehicles.
  8. Client to ensure Security of the scaffold(s) at all times, and prevent Unauthorized access to same.
  9. Unless it is otherwise specifically stated within this overall quotation, we would inform you that none of the materials to be used have been treated with a “Fire Retardant”. Should you decide that fire retardant treated boards etc., are needed, then we must point out that our quoted price(s) will be increased accordingly.
  10. We would point out that our scaffold must not be interfered with in any way. Should you need to move or remove physical ties and/or braces etc., then this must not be done by you – without the express permission of our supervision. Although we consider that it would be much safer for this work to be done by us as an extra.
  11. We would ask you to please especially note the following with regard to payment:
  12. Payment to be received by us within 30 days of date of our invoice.
  13. Unless valid notification to the contrary is received within 14 days, all invoices and/or applications for payment as issued will be deemed acceptable, and payment is to be made within the 30 day term.
  14. All Additional Works wherever possible will be charged on a pro rata basis to the appropriate item within the Main Order. All the additional works to be agreed progressively and paid against the appropriate valuation.

98A. Our quotation(s) exclude(s) the cost of any Engineering calculations, drawings and/or sketches, that may subsequently be required. This cost to be rendered as an extra to contract.

  1. Unless specifically stated otherwise, this quotation allows the supply on hire of material, erection (adaption and re-adaption if and where denoted) and dismantling of 100% materials to carry out the scaffolding works.
  2. Our price allows the provision of single scaffold boards only as sole plates (i.e. Timber base spreaders). Should this not be sufficient for the ground conditions prevailing, then we will charge extra over for the costs involved in providing any other method.
  3. No allowance has been made in this quotation for:
  4. Filling in gaps in the decking where scaffold boards meet standards or other obstructions.
  5. The provision of fillets where scaffold boards overlap, or any other joinery work.
  6. No allowance in the hire period will be given for holidays.
  7. Our offer is based on the understanding that we will have good access at ground level for our men and material to the vessel and/or structure interior.
  8. Our price is based on the understanding that the vessel and/or structure perimeter is unobstructed where the scaffold is to be erected and dismantled.
  9. Client to provide free of charge – full on site welfare facilities for our operatives.

107A. We do not consider that Retention can be applied to our works, as scaffolding can have no bearing on the quality of the finished building and/or structure. We therefore cannot accept Retention being applied to payment for our services.

  1. We will provide 100% materials and these will be erected and dismantled each in one continuous operation.
  2. This quotation has been prepared from details supplied by yourselves. You should check that your requirements have been correctly interpreted and that all loadings, dimensions and details are correct and practicable. It is your responsibility to prepare and ensure that the foundations and structure are suitable for supporting the loads imposed upon them by our scaffold and any loads applied thereon. Any costs incurred by us due to resultant additional works will be charged accordingly.
  3. a. Where the scaffold relies on tying to the building for it’s strength and/or stability it is the responsibility of the building owner or his agent to ensure that the local anchorage loads are attainable in the building fabric together with the overall strength of the building or building facade.
  4. Where it is subsequently shown that the required strength is unattainable we reserve the right to install additional anchors and/or alter our design. This work will be charged as an extra.
  5. No tarpaulins or other protective sheeting, debris netting or the like, can be fixed to any part of our scaffold structure without our written permission. Any strengthening, modification, extra ties etc., required to accommodate such sheeting will be charged as an extra.
  6. This offer is based on legislation and working practices that are current at date of our quotation. Any changes to legislation or working practices that demand extra work or provision by us will be charged accordingly.
  7. The contract hire period(s) stated within this quotation are for a minimum period. No rebate will be given for any unexpired period of hire.
  8. We have not allowed for any Lightning or Earthing Conductors for our scaffolding.
  9. Please ensure all vehicles are removed from the area adjacent to our works prior to our arrival on site, both for erecting and dismantling.
  10. Transport – we would advise you that we require adequate storage area on site for our materials and/or the delivery of drop-bed system where the site is suitable. The minimum area required is 16m x 6m. Please ensure that this facility is provided for us prior to commencement of our works, both for erecting and dismantling.
  11. Excluding any inside guardrails or toeboards to the inside face of scaffold(s).

131A. Main Contractor and/or Client to provide, uninterrupted mechanical access platforms for our use on suitable ground for this machinery. We will provide  qualified operators – so that we can erect and dismantle the scaffold.

  1. Please especially note that we have allowed to hang this scaffold from the structure. Should we experience any difficulties whatsoever in obtaining the necessary anchorage points (including substances that are too hard or too weak to drill into) then, we reserve the right to withdraw from the contract or charge additional monies to recover our costs. We therefore, are unable to accept any costs, which may arise through non-completion of our work within the specified time period.
  2. Hirer to be responsible for all our materials, from the date of first delivery to day of last collection. Our materials are not insured whilst in your possession, therefore any material lost, stolen or damaged whilst in your possession will be charged at replacement value.
  3. Where permits to work are required these are to be completed by Client both for erection and dismantling, informing us accordingly, prior to our operatives starting work on site. Any subsequent waiting time will be charged as an extra.
  4. Gantry price(s) presented are based on the limited information available, and also on the centres stipulated by us in the item(s) concerned. Thus, our offer is subject to final agreement with regard to loading and how this will be imposed.

We will not commence work on any gantry item until the above has been resolved. Including if needs be the revision of price(s) to suit the final requirement, complete with your official order for this work.

We would also respectfully refer you to clause 25A, and point out that ground or base conditions prevailing may well have a bearing on the ultimate design.

  1. Scaffolders will wear safety harnesses at all times at work and will use them in accordance with the N.A.S.C. Guidance Note SG4:10 “The Use of Fall Arrest Equipment Whilst Erecting, Altering and Dismantling Scaffolding”.
  2. Whilst the scaffold(s) covered in this enquiry in the main allow man access and material loading, as denoted in the relative item Loading Statement. We would especially point out that it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that our scaffolds and/or structures are not overloaded, and that materials are stacked safely and securely at all times.

Where pallets of materials are offered up to the scaffold, this must be done to a Loading Tower suitably designed for the purpose and the loads involved. Materials to be progressively moved from the Loading Tower to maintain loading tolerances.

  1. Traffic and Pedestrian management as per Local Authority regulations to be carried out by Client, this to include for all necessary signs, setting out of cones and barriers, warning/flashing lights etc., all as required at no extra cost to ourselves.

These facilities are to be set-up before we commence work erecting and dismantling and to remain in position, if needed, for the full period of the contract.

  1. This is a budget price only, based on the information provided, and is subject to a site survey.
  2. Definitions
  3. The ‘Owner’ is Higher Scaffolding Limited and the ‘Hirer’ is any individual,firm, company or other party with whom the Owner contracts (together, the ‘Parties’). 2. The ‘Quotation’ is any document provided by the Owner for that purpose. Any Quotation will remain open for acceptance for a period of up to 3 calendar months from the date on which it was issued. After that period, that Quotation and offer will lapse. Any oral or other acceptance by the Hirer of a Quotation shall be or shall be deemed to be upon these Conditions. 3. The ‘Contract’ comprises these ‘Conditions’, the Quotation, and any documents expressly referred to in the Quotation. 4. ‘Scaffolding’ is any scaffolding, structure, tubes, boards, fittings, ladders, gin wheels, hoists, sheets, and any other materials supplied by the Owner to the Hirer; any mechanical plant, including but not limited to hoists, telehandlers, sideloaders, tractors, MEWPs or any vehicle left on site. 5. ‘Services’ are any work and labour supplied by the Owner pursuant to the Contract. 6. The ‘Schedule of Rates’ is any schedule identified as such in the Quotation, or if no such schedule is identified, it is the revision of the Owner’s standard schedule of rates which was current at the date at which the Quotation was issued. 7. ‘Handover Certificate’ is a certificate issued by the Owner to the Hirer upon completion of an item or section of scaffolding by the Owner. 8. ‘Variation Instruction’ is a document issued by the Owner to the Hirer and is conclusive proof of an instruction or multiple instructions by the Hirer.


  1. All Scaffolding supplied shall be hired and will remain the property of the Owner. 10. The ‘Hire Period’ for each item of Scaffolding is as set out in the Quotation (in the event that there is no Hire Period specified it is 0 weeks). The ‘Actual Hire Period’ for each item of Scaffolding commences on the date stated in the Handover Certificate and ends on the actual date on which the Hirer instructs the Owner to dismantle that item.


Variations and extra hire 11. ‘Variations’ are as follows: 11.1. An instruction from the Hirer (including a Variation Instruction) which requires an addition to, omission from, or other change in the works to be carried out under the Contract, or the order, manner, period, sequence or conditions in which they are to be carried out. 11.2. Delay or impedance to the performance of the Contract through default of the Hirer, including but not limited to lack of, incomplete or incorrect instructions or refusal to accept delivery of the Scaffolding or the Services. 11.3. Standing time that is incurred for any reason that is not the responsibility of the Owner. 11.4. Extra hire (that being the length of any period of hire where the Actual Hire Period for any individual element of scaffolding and/or any Variation is longer than the Hire Period specified for such individual element of scaffolding and/or any Variation). 11.5. Work carried out outside of working hours. 11.6. Any adaptations to the Scaffolding required by the Hirer (whether expressly or impliedly so as to allow work to be carried out), unless stated otherwise in the Quotation. 12. Variations are valued and are payable: 12.1. Where work is similar to (meaning in the same location to, for the same loading and of a similar size to) and carried out in similar conditions and/or quantities to that included in the Quotation, it is to be valued and is payable in accordance with the Schedule of Rates; or 12.2. Where work is similar to but carried out in dissimilar conditions and/or quantities to that included in the Quotation, it is to be valued and is payable in accordance with the Schedule of Rates with a reasonable adjustment in respect of the difference (including without limitation for the carry of materials); or 12.3. Where physical work is not similar to that included in the Quotation or in the Schedule of Rates, or in the Owner’s sole discretion the Schedule of Rates is considered to be inappropriate as a method for valuing the Variation, it is to be valued and is payable at fair rates and prices for that physical work. The extra hire applicable shall be 8 of the fair rate and price per calendar week. 13. Where labour employed by the Owner remains on site at the request of the Hirer, the Owner shall be entitled to payment for a full days’ work for each person, irrespective of whether the person was actually engaged in working throughout the entire day. The Owner’s time sheets are conclusive proof of the man hours expended.


  1. The Contract Sum is set out in the Quotation and is exclusive of VAT. The Hirer shall pay the Owner the amount of VAT properly chargeable in respect of any payment to the Owner under this Contract . 15. The first due date for interim payments to the Owner shall be the day that the Owner first makes an application for payment, and subsequent dues dates shall fall on the same calendar day in each month (or the last day of a month if that calendar day does not exist in that month). Not later than 5 days after each due date, the Hirer shall issue a payment notice which identifies the sum that the Hirer considers to be due to the Owner at the due date, and the basis on which that sum is calculated. The sum due at each due date is equal to the value of: 15.1. The sums for the items of work identified in the Quotation which have been properly executed. Two thirds of each such sum is to be paid on issue of a Handover Certificate for an item, and one third is to be paid after that item has been dismantled; and 15.2. The value of any Variations (including extra hire); and 15.3. Less the total amount paid by the Hirer to the Owner as at the due date. 16. The final date for payment of the sum identified in the payment notice is 14 days from the due date, and the Hirer must make payment on or by the final date for payment. 17. The Owner may at any time issue an application for payment which sets out the sum that will become due on the next due date and the basis on which that sum is calculated. 18. The Hirer may not set-off against any monies due to the Owner under the Contract any amount claimed by or due to the Hirer from the Owner, whether under this Contract or any other contract whatsoever. 19. If the Hirer fails to pay a sum, or any part of it, due to the Owner by the final date for payment, the Hirer shall, in addition to that unpaid sum, pay the Owner simple interest at the rate of 8 above the base rate of the Bank of England at the due date, for the period from the final date for payment until payment of the interest is made. Acceptance of a payment of interest under this clause shall not be construed as a waiver of any of the Owner’s rights.



  1. Without affecting the Owner’s other rights and remedies, if the Hirer fails to pay the Owner the amount in any payment certificate on or by the final date for payment, and that failure continues for 7 days after the Owner has given the Hirer notice of its intention to suspend performance of its works and giving the ground or grounds on which it intends to suspend performance, the Owner may suspend performance of all or part of its works. 21. Where the Owner exercises its rights of suspension or where performance of the Contract is suspended at the request of the Hirer, the Owner is entitled to its costs and expenses incurred as a result of that suspension, and those costs and expenses are to be included in the next interim payment notice.

Delivery and risk

  1. Delivery of the Scaffolding shall be made to the Hirer at the place specified in the Quotation or as subsequently agreed between the Parties (‘the Site’), and the risk in respect of all Scaffolding shall pass to the Hirer at the date of the Handover Certificate and shall remain with the Hirer until the Owner enters the Site for the purpose of dismantling the Scaffolding in question. 23. If any part or parts of the Scaffolding are lost, damaged or destroyed due to any cause whatsoever of the negligence of the Hirer, its servants or agents, the Hirer shall pay to the Owner: 23.1. The cost of repair; or


23.2. Where the Scaffolding is owned by the Owner, the catalogue price of the Scaffolding less 10 percent; or 23.3. Where the Scaffolding is owned by a third party, the catalogue price of the Scaffolding.


  1. The Owner will use its reasonable endeavours to comply with any date or dates for the Scaffolding and the Services which have been notified in writing by the Hirer, but such date or dates shall not be binding and only constitute statements of expectation. Failure to comply with such dates shall not constitute a breach of contract, nor shall the Owner be liable in respect of any claims, actions, proceedings, loss, damage, costs or expenses whether direct, indirect, economic, or consequential. 25. The Owner shall be entitled without the prior approval of the Hirer to assign, sub-contract or sublet the Contract or any part thereof, but the Hirer shall not be so entitled without the prior approval of the Owner.

Obligations of the Owner

  1. Unless otherwise requested by the Hirer, the Owner will exercise reasonable skill and care in carrying out the Services and all work in connection with the Scaffolding so that it is suitable for the intended purpose of use and loadings notified by the Hirer to the Owner, and so that it complies with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 or any legislation replacing, or from time to time in-force relating to, the safety of scaffolding (‘the Height Regulations’). At the request of the Hirer the Owner may be required to provide a service which does not comply with the Height Regulations. It is the Hirer’s sole responsibility to ensure that it has taken full account of the non-compliance in planning and controlling its works.


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